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Fortress Press Textbooks for Your Classroom


Fortress Press publishes innovative, transformational textbooks and classroom resources for the seminary and undergraduate setting. Our texts range from primary textbooks that strive to offer clear answers to the most basic questions first-time students and curious inquirers bring to a topic, to a range of supplementary texts that dive into a specific topic to round out any syllabus.



Request a free exam copy to see a book for yourself!

Complimentary examination copies are available exclusively to educators and professionals who are considering adopting a text for course use with an enrollment of twenty or more students. Select titles are available in print format as gratis exam copies. Shipping is complimentary. Click here to learn more about our policy.

How it works:

  • Visit any title’s page on and click “Exam” next to the Buy Now button. (Physical exam copies are not available for all titles. Email with any questions.)
  • Fill out the form with your contact, bio, and course information and click “Submit.”
  • If approved, you will receive a free copy within approximately two weeks (may vary based on location).
  • After receiving the book, look for a follow-up email from our Textbook Adoption Consultant to answer any questions you may have about the text.

Interested in a consultation? Contact Emma Schlabach at to receive assistance with all your course needs.

Endorsements of our best-selling textbooks

The Bible: An Introduction, Second Edition, by Jerry L. Sumney
“I selected Sumney for my class because, honestly, I thought my freshman students would be more likely to read it. It features type that's easy on the eyes and includes full-color photos on nearly every page. Sumney's text allows me to assign them manageable readings over the topics we'll be covering for the day.”
Jess Hoover | Baylor University

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Third Edition, by John J. Collins
“Collins does an excellent job, with respect to matters that are deeply inflected by Christian interpretations of the Hebrew Bible, of noting the different lenses through which these texts are read and to what ends. I also find his summaries of the texts to be both elegant and impressively comprehensive given their succinctness.”
Heidi Wendt | Wright State University

Introduction to the History of Christianity, Third Edition, edited by Tim Dowley
Introduction to the History of Christianity covers the things I want to make sure are addressed, and it does so in a reasonably nonsectarian way. Dowley's book is quite efficient in presenting this data in ways that allow students to take notes as they read the book.”
Tom Miles | Nazarene Theological Seminary

Introduction to World Religions, Third Edition, edited by Christopher Partridge, revised by Tim Dowley
“The content of this book makes the study of religions personal and brings a friendly face to each of the religions. Students that do not like to read feel that it invites them in. As they start flipping through the pages, looking at images, they find that they are curious and start reading.”
Eric Stauffer | Estrella Community College