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Moral Choice: A Christian View of Ethics

Dolores L. Christie (Author)
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Dolores Christie introduces her new book, Moral Choice

This survey text for Christian ethics through a Catholic lens traces the sources and traditions of contemporary ethical principles, rules, and norms. It uses narrative in reaching out to students who seek to understand themselves as they face ethical decisions. Stories are employed to reflect one's own life and its meaning, as well as to prompt moral decision-making.

The book gives full treatment to criteria needed for ethical decision-making that students use in evaluating a series of contemporary issues, including abortion, end of life, torture, and others. The book includes numerous pedagogic features, including boxes, questions, key terms, suggested readings, and a glossary.

Release date: 
September 1, 2012


"Moral Choice: A Christian View of Ethics is living proof that a textbook in moral theology does not have to be boring. Dolores Christie has an enviable knack for communicating with her students. Fortunate indeed are those who will use this text."
Charles Curran
Perkins School of Theology

"This is an engaging, well-designed text by a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Students will benefit from Dee Christie's lively style, her abundant examples, and her emphasis on how the Christian story impacts the spiritual and moral life of the maturing believer."
Anne Patrick
Carleton College

"Christie provides students with a concise and lively introduction to the basic concepts and debates in fundamental moral theology. She links the concrete moral dimensions of everyday life with the basic ideas that frame the Christian ethical tradition, making these connections vivid and readily understood. While especially attentive to the ways these realities have been discussed within Roman Catholicism, Christie succeeds at providing all persons, regardless of their faith convictions, both a framework for and process within which to reflect on their moral choices."
Patricia Beattie Jung
Saint Paul School of Theology

"A thorough text on the traditions prevalent in contemporary Christian ethics, Moral Choice uncovers the content and context of moral decision-making in clear, concise and practical terms: vocabulary is defined, methods are described, and the stuff that makes human beings persons—the choices that contribute to our becoming the persons our potentials can realize—is explained. Recalling the depths to which icebergs reach, the moral iceberg that sits below the surface persona anchors the life-altering and ordinary decisions for good and for ill that make us the people we are. Moral Choice extends an invitation and offers an opportunity to plumb those depths, question their effect in our personal and common lives, and call us to strive to be good and to do right. Christie's work is a tour de force, the fruit of years of teaching, research, and writing experience that will inform decision-making as it engages dialogue about the serious and frivolous challenges to the moral life."
—Mary Jo Iozzio
Barry University

"Moral Choice takes its readers on an instructive and illuminating voyage through sources, methods, and applications in the field of Catholic moral theology. It is especially recommended for the clear and systematic way 'the human person adequately considered' is shown to be the definitive moral norm."
Jan Jans
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

"Moral Choice is alive with up-to-the-minute examples that illuminate ethical concepts in the real world. References are global and multi-cultural, inviting readers to consider new contexts as they learn Christian ethics. Fundamentally, it aims at helping people become good moral thinkers, not rote reciters of rules. This book will start great discussions in class."
Lisa Fullam
Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley


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