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Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth: Prayers of Walter Brueggemann

Walter Brueggemann (Author) Edwin Searcy (Editor)
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This thoughtful collection of prayers emerged from Brueggemann's thirty-five years of teaching in seminaries. Full of reflection, faith, and dialogue, they reveal another side of this gifted author from what his many readers are accustomed to. These deeply felt and sparklingly articulated prayers reflect a wide range of life experiences. As readers, we are taken from the depths of pain and loss to the heights of joy and praise. The author takes on life in its fullest as he utters his praise and lament, petition and thanksgiving. Brueggemann's prayers lead us to deeper commitment, deeper faith, and deeper reflection.

The volume also includes an index of biblical allusions that will be useful for preachers as well as the general reader looking for the biblical roots of these fears, hopes, struggles, and aspirations.

Release date: 
December 30, 2002


From page 85


You are the God who is simple, direct, clear with us and for us.
You have comitted yourself to us.
You have said yes to us in creation
yes to us in our birth,
yes to us in our baptism,
yes to us in our awakening this day.

But we are of another kind,
more accoustomed to ''perhaps, maybe, we'll see,''
left in wonderment and ambiguity.

We live our lives not back to your yes ,
but out of our endless ''perhaps.''

So we pray for your mercy this day that we may live yes back to you,
yes with our time,
yes with our money,
yes with our sexuality,
yes with our strength and with our weakness,
yes to our neighbor,
yes and no longer ''perhaps.''

In the name of your enfleshed yes to us,
even Jesus who is our yes into your future. Amen.

Summer school/July 15, 1998

Table of Contents

    Editor's Foreword

  1. And then you – Facing God
  2. And then you
    At the dawn
    You live at the hinge
    Stunned by the morning
    We wait for you to ache
    You ... and therefore us
    A thousand, a million, a trillion tongues
    For how you hope
    We say "Yes, yes"
    You with ears bent close to our lips
    The other side of the street
    Not at our beck and call
    You sweep away what we treasure
    No more sinking sand
    Before the day is out
    Three times holy
    The place where you are curbed
    Our true home

  3. A people with many secrets – Truth-telling confession
  4. A people with many secrets
    Like an endless falling
    We treasure what you end
    Not always for you
    You who command
    We also live double lives
    An answering and refusing
    Yours, and not ours
    We are takers
    Fashioning better guarantees
    The God we would rather have
    But now you know
    Even on such a day

  5. Against your absence – A hidden God
  6. Against your absence
    Our despairing hope
    No newness yet
    You are known in hiddenness
    You stay hidden within that misery
    With or without you
    Against a closed sky

  7. We are ready to listen – For illumination
  8. We are ready to listen
    Your command is garbled
    Ears but do not hear
    We would know more of you
    The voice we can scarcely hear
    The din undoes us
    The grace to be haunted
    Give us Saturday ears
    Reach us
    That we may change
    Re-text us

  9. Move off the page – While reading texts
  10. Move off the page
    Before us
    We try, as best we can, to live by bread alone
    You turn tables
    Teach us how to weep
    Your world-forming speech
    Your word
    Our mother tongue
    How you inhabit this text
    Your new news
    After the bitterness
    When the world spins crazy
    The poems conflict us
    Soak our lives in it
    Alabaster cities
    We are children of another world

  11. Awed to heaven, rooted in earth – For the church in mission
  12. Awed to heaven, rooted in earth
    Not the God we would have chosen
    Re-brand us
    And we are different
    A hard, deep call to obedience
    We do not want to be arrested
    Do not fear
    Give us appropriate yielding
    We are much drawn to circuses
    Our right names
    Be our primary disease
    The anguish and burden of the message
    With all the graciousness we can muster
    Deliver us from amnesia
    Demanding all, not too much, but all
    Kingdoms rage ... and we are called
    Move us beyond ourselves

  13. Start again – For a bruised world
  14. Start again
    The threats do not wane
    Their plowshares are beat into swords
    Reform our deformed lives
    Work your wonders
    In the midst of all the pushing and shoving
    Come to our shut down places
    We are all in hock
    While the world says "not possible"
    We are not self-starters
    Be your powerful, active, sovereign self
    Friday is your day of entry
    Into our several hells
    Is there a balm ... in Gilead or anywhere?
    Ours is a seduced world
    Ceding our end to you

  15. We will not keep silent – Cadences of gratitude
  16. We will not keep silent
    You give ... and we receive
    The God who yearns and waits for us
    The gratitude we intend
    We are second and you are first
    With you it is never "more or less"
    Giver, Giver, Giver
    Larger than fear
    We notice your giving

  17. Occupy our calendars – Praying the Christian Year
  18. Occupy our calendars
    The grace and the impatience to wait - Advent
    In violence and travail – Christmas
    There is a time to be born, and it is now – Epiphany
    Not yet as light as hope – Shrove Tuesday
    Loss is indeed our gain – Lent
    Revise our taking – Lent
    Or did we get it wrong – Lent
    In the name of the bruised one – Holy Week
    Held back – Holy Week
    The pivot of hope – Maundy Thursday
    The terrible silencing we cannot master – Good Friday
    Not the kingdom of death – Easter
    We are baffled – Easter
    You who stalk the earth with new life – Easter
    But not held – Easter
    Easter us – Easter
    To make things new that never were – Pentecost
    We wait ... but not patiently – Reign of Christ
    In these very late days – Reign of Christ

    Index of biblical references