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Where to Start: Christian History Textbooks

Whether you are a new professor choosing books for the first time or an experienced educator looking for what’s new in the field, Fortress Press has you covered. Browse our most popular Christian History titles below.

Introductions to Christian History

Now in its third edition, Tim Dowley’s masterful one-volume survey of church history has an updated design and new content. The inviting full-color format includes many new images and updated maps and all of the features that made the second edition a popular volume for the classroom.  Learn more!

Tim Dowley’s masterful one-volume survey of church history is now available in a new concise format designed with today’s student in mind. Each section of Dowley’s Introduction to the History of Christianity has been reviewed and content edited to create a more compact summary of Christian history. Learn More!

The Reformation

For nearly thirty years, James M. Kittelson’s Luther the Reformer has been the standard biography of Martin Luther. Learn more!

 Luther Refracted: The Reformer's Ecumenical Legacy

Luther Refracted: The Reformer's Ecumenical Legacy
Piotr J. Malys, Derek R. Nelson (Editors)
Exam Copy

The contributors, representing a variety of Christian denominations, demonstrate Luther’s lasting impact on their own traditions and, together with the Lutheran respondents, encourage a fresh understanding of the Reformer. Learn more!

Christianity in the United States

The history of Christianity in the United States is a fascinating and lively story. In this revised and expanded account, Nancy Koester introduces students to the major events and movements that influenced the tradition. Learn more!

Christian Thought in America: A Brief History is a short, accessible overview of the history of Christian thought in America, from the Puritans and other colonials to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Learn more!

In this lively and engaging new history, Granquist brings to light not only the institutions that Lutherans founded and sustained but the people that lived within them. Learn more!

This book provides a comprehensive overview of African American religious history and examines contemporary issues and challenges facing the study of African American religion today. Learn more!


Denis R. Janz's selection of more than 100 carefully edited primary documents captures the energy and moment of that tumultuous time. Learn more!

Keith D. Stanglin has edited and introduced over 100 selections to create a reader that orients students to the ebb and flow of thought that moves out from the pre-Reformation period. Learn more!

A new atlas of the European Reformations has been keenly needed. Fortress Press is pleased to offer the Atlas of the European Reformations. Learn more!

Consciously written for students at any level, the volume is perfect for independent students, as well as those in structured courses. Learn more!