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Fortress Press Exam and Desk Copy Policy

Here at Fortress Press:

  • An Exam Copy is a book that you would like to review to see if it will suit your course needs.
  • A Desk Copy is a book that you’ve already decided will be required in your course.
  • Review Copy is a book that you are reading in order to write a review for an academic journal or press publication.

Complimentary examination copies are available exclusively to educators and professionals who are considering adopting a text for course use with an enrollment of 20 or more students. Select titles are available in print format as gratis exam copies. Shipping is complimentary.

All titles published since 2012 are available in digital format as gratis exam copies. You may request, and upon approval, download a complimentary copy from Edelweiss, a trusted ebook partner. Download your requested title/s directly from Edelweiss here.  Edelweiss limits examination to a 60 day period.

Not all titles are available for exam and desk copy request. All requests are fulfilled at the discretion of the Textbook Adoption Consultant and are subject to approval.

Please contact Silas Morgan at with any questions.