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Where to Start: Ethics Textbooks

Whether you are a new professor choosing books for the first time or an experienced educator looking for what’s new in the field, Fortress Press has you covered. Browse our most popular Ethics titles below.

Survey textbooks for your ethics classroom

Christian Social Teachings
George W. Forell, James M. Childs Jr. (Editors)
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This classic collection of Christian statements on social ethics provides a panoramic view of the 2000-year development of Christian concerns for political justice, peace, civil rights, family law, civil liberties, and other "worldly" issues. Learn more!

Ethics: A Liberative Approach
Miguel A. De La Torre (Editor) 
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This survey text for religious ethics and theological ethics courses explores how ethical concepts defined as liberationist is presently manifest around the globe and within the United States. Learn more!

Gudorf's work focuses on everyday issues while drawing out ethical implications of each and demonstrating how different religious traditions prescribe rules for action. Learn more!

Moral Issues and Christian Responses: Eighth Edition
L. Shannon Jung, Patricia Beattie Jung (Editors)
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This popular anthology for the study of Christian ethics has been a mainstay of undergraduate courses for nearly thirty years. Learn more!

Environmental Ethics

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda argues that the future of the earth is not simply a matter of protecting species and habitats but of rethinking the very meaning of Christian ethics. Learn more!

Economist Alistair Young argues that environmental policy raises important ethical and theological issues around uncertainty, inequality, the rights of traditional communities, and the obligation to respect nonhuman creation. Learn more!

Terra Schwerin Rowe develops a fresh reading of Luther’s theology of grace and his economic ethics in conversation with current reflections on concepts of the gift and gifting practices.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Hilda P. Koster bring together leading Latina, womanist, Asian American, Anglican American, South American, Asian, European, and African women theologians on the issues of doctrine, women, and climate justice.

Love in a Time of Climate Change issues a call to readers to develop a loving response to climate change, which harms the poor, threatens future generations, and damages God’s creation. Learn more!

In this timely book, Sallie McFague recalls her readers to the practices of restraint. Learn more!


Rebecca Todd Peters argues for an ethic of solidarity as a new model for how people of faith in the first world can live with integrity in the midst of global injustice and shape a more just future. Learn more!

The new edition of Mark Lewis Taylor’s award-winning The Executed God is both a searing indictment of the structures of “Lockdown America” and a visionary statement of hope. Learn more!

Amy Levad offers a Catholic perspective that directly addresses the concrete issues from a strongly interdisciplinary approach. Learn more!

Meghan J. Clark traces the emergence of solidarity and human rights as critical theological and philosophical pillars of the anthropology and ethics foundational to the development of Catholic social teaching. Learn more!

Brian Bantum examines the question of race, but through the lens of our bodies and what our bodies mean in the midst of a racialized world that perpetually dehumanizes dark bodies.

Martin Luther King Junior is a rare mix of the deeply profound thinker and intellect who put the fruit of that reflection into the service of direct social action.

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