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Release date: 
November 1, 2017

Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap., and Daniel A. Keating introduce readers to one the key thinkers of the fourth century and the chief architect of Christian doctrine: Athanasius. The authors carefully illuminate Athanasius’s crucial text Against the Arians, unfolding the Trinitarian and incarnation framework of Athanasius’s paramount concern (soteriology), and providing, in the second part, a robust map of the reception and influence of Athanasius’s thought—from its immediate impact on the late fourth and fifth centuries (in the Cappadocians and Cyril) to its significance in the Eastern and Western traditions and its reception in contemporary thought.

Hans Schwarz (Author)
Release date: 
October 1, 2017

In the last thirty years, books on the Trinity have abounded. There seems to be a fascination with this mysterious topic, especially among systematic theologians. This present book has no intention of adding to the plethora of treatises on the Trinity. The main question with which it is concerned is what is really scripturally tenable with regard to the Trinity and what is unwarranted theological construction or even speculation. What takes shape here is a story: how the doctrine of the Trinity developed over the subsequent centuries from the traces in Scripture to a centralized dogma at the heart of Christian teaching. We witness in this an evolution from proclamation to controversy to speculation. What are we to make of this doctrine? How do we articulate the biblical faith today?

Release date: 
June 15, 2017

In this creative approach to the doctrine of the Trinity, author Veli- Matti Kärkkäinen focuses on keeping a dynamic balance between the intellectual-doctrinal and spiritual-charismatic approaches as ...

Release date: 
November 1, 2016

Matthew Rothaus Moser presents Balthasar as an alternative to Idealist philosophy, a thinker who develops a religious metaphysics in which the saints’ practices of prayer and contemplation are the chief mode of knowing that the Truth of Being is divine love.

Release date: 
February 1, 2016

This project generates conversation between the great thinkers of the Russian Orthodox tradition with the most significant Protestant theologian of the last century, Karl Barth. 

Release date: 
December 1, 2015

Kathryn Tanner is undoubtedly one of the most important contemporary North American theologians; her work is hallmarked by its depth, precision, provocativeness, and grace. This volume celebrates the vision and breadth of Tanner’s unique contribution. 

Release date: 
June 1, 2015

This powerful book begins from the treatise De Deo Uno and develops the dogma of the Trinity as an expression of Divine Unicity while analyzing creation, Christology, and ecclesiology.