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Philosophy of Religion

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Release date: 
April 1, 2016

The question of God and cosmology is far from abstract. In fact, the subject raises the deepest questions of human existence: "Why is there something ...

Sameer Yadav (Author)
Release date: 
June 1, 2015

Can experiences of God serve to inform and justify our theological beliefs and practices? The central claim in this work is that there is a radical mistake in many contemporary accounts that require grounding a theological story of God's availability to us in experience in a prior general philosophical theory of perception.

Todd H. Green (Author)
Release date: 
May 1, 2015

A fascinating introduction to the historical roots and contemporary forms of anxiety regarding Islam within the Western world.

Release date: 
March 1, 2015

This book proposes a new approach to the dialogue between science and theology based in a thorough philosophical analysis of acting forms of subjectivity involved in the study of the world and in religious experience. The book contributes to the synthesis of appropriation and incorporation of modern philosophical ideas in Christian theology, in particular its Eastern Orthodox form.

Neil Ormerod (Author)
Release date: 
January 1, 2015

Natural theology is a philosophical site that is hotly debated and controversial?it is claimed by Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Evangelicals as a crucial vantage point for the intersection of theology, philosophy, science, and politics. This volume steers through these troubled waters, arguing for reclamation of a natural theology that withstands the challenges from within and without the Christian tradition and accrues to a vital public and political witness.

Release date: 
December 1, 2014
Nearly twenty-five years ago, John Milbank inaugurated Radical Orthodoxy, one of the most significant and influential theological movements of the last two decades. This volume conducts a comprehensive examination and critical analysis of Radical Orthodoxy's use and interpretation of John Duns Scotus.
Release date: 
September 1, 2014

In Dialectical Theology and Jacques Ellul, Jacob E. Van Vleet argues that the work of Jacques Ellul is frequently misread on account of inattention to the theological underpinning that governs Ellul's thought. In a penetrating analysis, Van Vleet provides a substantive account of the theological structure of Ellul's work.