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Willard Ashley

Willard W. C. Ashley Sr. is a senior executive and consultant with more than twenty years' success as a mental-health professional, faith leader, educator, author, and disaster mental-health expert. He is a persuasive public speaker, lecturer, and negotiator with global awareness and international experience. Ashley serves as vice-president of community relations, director of the Center for Clergy Care, and associate professor of practical theology at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. He resides in Teaneck, New Jersey.

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March 3, 2020

Rules for 21st-Century Radicals: Congregations, Collaboration, and Community Change offers a framework and toolkit for Christian leaders who want to address issues of social justice. Willard W. C. Ashley Sr. provides techniques and tactics that get results while remaining faithful to one's Christian character. Drawing on his decades as a faith-based community organizer, he honestly addresses the realities of congregational life and the challenges for religious leaders who are engaged in social-justice issues.