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Sallie McFague

Sallie McFague was the Carpenter Professor of Theology at Vanderbilt Divinity School, where she taught for thirty years. She is now Distinguished Theologian in Residence at the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, British Columbia. Among her many influential works, all from Fortress Press, are:
  • Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril (2000)
  • Super, Natural Christians: How We Should Love Nature (1997)
  • The Body of God: An Ecological Theology (1993)
  • Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age (1987), which received the American Academy of Religion's Award for Excellence
  • Metaphorical Theology: Models of God in Religious Language (1982)
"Sallie McFague is a prominent figure among the growing number of theologians who have been attempting to rethink the Christian understanding of God's and humanity's place in the physical world."
Chronicle of Higher Education

"The power of McFague's work is in its ability to speak to the American Protestant mainstream, challenging Christians with models of God that reflect both ecological sensitivity and concern for justice."
—Sharon Welch, Harvard Divinity School

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Release date: 
October 1, 2013

Sallie McFague offers a powerful guide to theological thinking about God and the world, individual and community, humanity and nature, reality and metaphor, the sacramental and the prophetic, and the critical issue of climate change.

Release date: 
March 1, 2013

In this timely book, Sallie McFague recalls her readers to the practices of restraint.

Release date: 
January 1, 2013
In this Fortress Digital Preview, readers receive the opening three chapters of Sallie McFague's forthcoming Blessed Are the Consumers (March 2013).
Release date: 
April 3, 2008
Read Fortress Press's interview with Sallie McFague, only on! Climate change promises monumental changes to human and other planetary life...
Release date: 
November 6, 2000
A compelling vision—before it's too late. In this splendidly crafted work, McFague argues for theology as an ethical imperative for all thinking...
Release date: 
April 4, 1997
In a readable and concrete style, Sallie McFague crafts a Christian spirituality centered on nature as the focus of our encounter with the divine. Reorienting...
Release date: 
May 1, 1993
Award-winning theologian Sallie McFague here develops a striking and novel vision of the universe, one that takes seriously and radically both contemporary...
Release date: 
August 1, 1987

In this award-winning text, theologian Sallie McFague challenges Christians' usual speech about God as a kind of monarch. She probes instead three other...