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Kathryn Tanner

Kathryn Tanner is Dorothy Grant Maclear Professor of Theology at the Divinity School, University of Chicago, and author of The Politics of God (1992), Theories of Culture (1997), and Jesus, Humanity, and the Trinity (2001), all from Fortress Press.

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Release date: 
June 17, 2005
Are there any fair and viable alternatives to global capitalism? University of Chicago theologian Kathryn Tanner offers here a serious and creative proposal for...
Release date: 
December 1, 2004
How are God and creatures related? How can one reconcile the sovereignty and power of God with creatures' capacity to act freely? Kathryn Tanner's important...
Release date: 
June 18, 2001
With simplicity and elegance, Tanner sketches a historically informed vision of the faith. Chapter 1 recovers strands of early Christian accounts of Jesus and...
Release date: 
October 2, 1997
Since the 1970s exciting new directions in the study of culture have erupted to critique and displace earlier, largely static notions. These more dynamic...
Release date: 
September 1, 1992
How is it that the same Christian beliefs can be used both to bolster an oppressive regime and rally opposition to it? Are there any norms intrinsic to...