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John Polkinghorne

Fellow of the Royal Society. Born in 1930, he was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. An eminent particle physicist with tenure as Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge, he left that post in 1979 to pursue theological studies, was ordained an Anglican priest in 1982, and served as a parish priest for five years. In 1996 he retired from being President of Queens' College, Cambridge. As the Journal of Religion noted, Polkinghorne embodies recent work in the religion-and-science field, which is marked by the involvement of practicing scientists and a complete reconceiving of Christian doctrines in light of contemporary science. Among his many books on science and theology are One World (Princeton, 1986); The Faith of a Physicist (Princeton, 1994, pb Fortress Press); Quarks, Chaos and Christianity (Crossroad, 1996); Belief in God in an Age of Science (Yale University Press); an introductory textbook, Science and Theology (Fortress Press, 1998), and most recently (with Michael Welker) Faith in the Living God (Fortress Press, 2000). In Fall 2002, Fortress Press will publish his short work, Traffic in Truth, in the Facets series.

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September 30, 1998
In this short masterpiece, eminent scientist and theologian John Polkinghorne offers an accessible, yet authoritative, introduction to the stimulating field...
Release date: 
February 12, 1996
"It has become fashionable to write books with titles such as Religion in an Age of Science (Barbour), Theology for a Scientific Age (Peacocke), or Theology...