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John Pairman Brown

John Pairman Brown is a Visiting Scholar at Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA.

He attended Dartmouth College in 1943 where he received his B.A. summa cum laude. He later went to Harvard University from 1946-1949. Then he received his S.T.B from General Theological Seminary, NY (1952) and his Th.D. from Union Theological Seminary, NY (1958).

Mr. Brown has numerous publications: Ancient Israel and Ancient Greece (Fortress 2003); Israel and Hellas I-III (Berlin, de Gruyter 1995-2001). Contributor, Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (Princeton 2000); The Displaced Person's Almanac (Boston, Beacon 1962); The Liberated Zone (Richmond, John Knox 1969; London SCM 1970). Translations: Dominique Barbe, Grace & Power (Orbis 1987); Jean-Marc Ela My Faith as an African (Orbis 1988); To A Sister on Laurel Drive (New York Seabury 1971). MSS seeking their fortune in the world 1) philosophical work "Hope"; 2) fantasy allegory in 3 parts "Goldenlily": low teen group led by girls saves world from factory blue smoke.

He is a member of many various groups including, Phi Beta Kappa; Society of Biblical Literature; American Philological Association; National Association of Ecumenical Staff; Friends of the GTU Library. Editor: The Witness, 1955-1958; Sequoia, 1980-1983 Associate professor Classics & History, American Univ. Of Beirut 1958-1965; Church Divinity School of the Pacific 1965-1968; editorial staff Univ. Of California Press 1968-1970; regional field staff Clergy & Laity Concerned 1971-1976; executive director Northern California Ecumenical Council 1976-1983.

Along with 4 children and 5 grandchildren, Mr. Brown has many interests beginning with; historian of deforestation of the Lebanon, hence general environmental concern. Special relationship with US Air Force: 1) Sergeant (then) US Army Air Corps, Wright Field Dayton 1944-1946-designing trans-sonic missiles (presumably) for nuclear payloads. 2) Buzzed by old outfit on Ho Chi Minh trail fall 1967, pushed into roadside shelter by Vietnamese driver, who lay down on top (see James W. Clinton, "The Loyal Opposition" Niwot, Univ. Press of Colorado 1995 pp. 111-117. 3) Run-in with B-1 Bomber at its rollout, Palmdale (New York Times Oct. 27, 1974).

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May 27, 2003
The Israelites and the Greeks formed "the first free societies, cultivating rain-watered fields around a fortified citadel, recording their words about...