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Jeanne Stevenson Moessner

Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner is Professor of Pastoral Care at Southern Methodist University and Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, Texas. She is editor of two pioneering books in pastoral care, Through the Eyes of Women: Insights for Pastoral Care; Women in Travail and Transition: A New Pastoral Care; and author of In Her Own Time: Women and Developmental Issues in Pastoral Care and A Primer on Pastoral Care.

Book List

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Release date: 
July 19, 2005
Based on her twenty years of teaching and on her own experience in pastoral care, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner has written a basic pastoral-care text to assist in...
Release date: 
May 17, 2000
This new guidebook by leading pastoral theologians challenges much in contemporary developmental theory. Arguing that women's developmental stages cannot...
Release date: 
June 10, 1996
A comprehensive survey of care of women, by women, from a religious standpoint results from the collaboration of nineteen leading women in the field of...
Release date: 
June 1, 1990
Greater knowledge of women's experience, this book argues, will enable all caregivers—whether female or male—to provide better pastoral care when...