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Ivone Gebara

Ivone Gebara, a Brazilian Sister of Notre Dame, is one of Latin America's leading women theologians. She holds doctorates in philosophy and religious studies and has taught for many years at the Theology Institute of Recife (ITER). Among her half-dozen books are Trinity: A Word on Things New and Old (1995) and Longing for Running Water: Ecofeminism and Liberation (Fortress Press, 1999).

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Release date: 
May 3, 2002
Whether understood as sin, as embracing all manner of suffering and injustice, or as the inexplicable human choice of evil over good, evil has historically...
Release date: 
August 31, 1999
Gebara's succinct yet moving statement of her principles of ecofeminism shows how intertwined are the tarnished environment around her and the poverty that...