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Hans Schwarz

Hans Schwarz is professor of systematic theology, emeritus, at the University of Regensburg, Germany. From 1967 to 1981 he was professor at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. He has presented more than six hundred lectures on five continents and is the author of more than thirty books, including The Human Being: A Theological Anthropology (2013) and The Christian Faith: A Creedal Account (2014).

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Release date: 
October 1, 2017

In the last thirty years, books on the Trinity have abounded. There seems to be a fascination with this mysterious topic, especially among systematic theologians. This present book has no intention of adding to the plethora of treatises on the Trinity. The main question with which it is concerned is what is really scripturally tenable with regard to the Trinity and what is unwarranted theological construction or even speculation. What takes shape here is a story: how the doctrine of the Trinity developed over the subsequent centuries from the traces in Scripture to a centralized dogma at the heart of Christian teaching. We witness in this an evolution from proclamation to controversy to speculation. What are we to make of this doctrine? How do we articulate the biblical faith today?

Release date: 
August 1, 2015

True Faith in the True God meets the deep need for a clear and concise introduction to the life and teachings of the great church reformer, Martin Luther.

Release date: 
January 1, 1987
This classic text, a brief yet powerful exposition of the Apostles' Creed, introduces in a fully ecumenical way the basic beliefs that have animated and...
Release date: 
January 1, 1982
With thoroughness and clarity, Hans Schwarz presents a historical and systematic understanding of the church — its worship and piety, its traditions and...