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Geza Vermes

Geza Vermes was Emeritus Fellow of the British Academy, and Emeritus Professor of Jewish Studies and Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford University. He was an international leader in the field of Dead Sea Scrolls research for more than forty years, as recounted in his Providential Accidents: An Autobiography (1998).

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Release date: 
June 18, 2010
In The Real Jesus, Geza Vermes, best known for his work on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jesus of history, offers lucid and engaging presentations of his...
Release date: 
June 10, 2003
In this stimulating work, one of the most renowned scholars of ancient Judaism explores how Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom and the earliest Jesus movement...
Release date: 
November 19, 1999
This thoroughly revised and updated version of The Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in Perspective is useful as a textbook for courses in Dead Sea Scrolls , the...
Release date: 
March 1, 1993
The leading Jewish scholar of the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls trains his attention on Jesus' own religious life—his teaching, preaching, and practice.
Release date: 
April 1, 1981
This now classic book is a significant corrective to several recent developments in the study of the historical Jesus. In contrast to depictions of Jesus as...