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Douglas John Hall

Douglas John Hall is emeritus professor of theology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Among the most widely read theologians in North America, Hall has written many popular and acclaimed works, including Lighten Our Darkness (1976), God and Human Suffering (1987), and Why Christian? (1998), as well as a full-scale trilogy in systematic theology: Thinking the Faith (1991), Professing the Faith (1996), and Confessing the Faith (1998), all from Fortress Press.

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Release date: 
September 1, 2013

Hall's work takes the measure of Christian belief and doctrine explicitly in light of North American cultural and historical experience.

Release date: 
June 15, 2005
North America's premier theologian takes the measure of recent and contemporary theology and urges theological renewal for our more secularized and pluralistic age.
Release date: 
July 28, 2003
In this small gem of theological reflection, North America's foremost "theologian of the cross" offers a profound and compelling contemplation on the...
Release date: 
March 23, 1998
This bold work culminates Hall's three-volume contextual theology, the first to take the measure of Christian belief and doctrine explicitly in light of...
Release date: 
February 28, 1998
In these dialogues with doubt, Hall enters into an earnest search with a young inquirer—a composite of undergraduates, graduates, clergy, working...
Release date: 
November 22, 1996
What does it mean to profess the faith as North American Christians at the end of the second millennium? Douglas Hall looks to the heart of Christian...
Release date: 
May 1, 1995
In a time of rapid change and global confusion, how are Christians to perceive God at work in history? The theme of God's presence among the nations is here...
Release date: 
January 1, 1991
"As the Christian movement nears the end of its second millennium, it faces a crisis that could not have been anticipated at the close of the first thousand...
Release date: 
January 1, 1987
Professor Hall has written a major work on an agonizing subject, at once brilliant, comprehensive, and thought provoking. In contrast to many writers who...
Release date: 
January 1, 1975
Writing simply for ordinary Christians "who must decide, in the long run, what will become of the churches," Douglas John Hall offers a prescription for...