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David J. Lose

David J. Lose is president of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He is the author of Making Sense of the Cross (2011), Making Sense of the Christian Faith (2010), Making Sense of Scripture (2009), and Confessing Jesus Christ: Preaching in a Postmodern World (2003). He speaks widely in the United States and abroad on preaching, Christian faith in a postmodern world, and biblical interpretation.

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Release date: 
June 9, 2020

David J. Lose has spent decades speaking and writing about the tumultuous changes affecting our culture and our churches. Each time he speaks to a congregation, he hears this question: "Why don't my children and grandchildren go to church?" The question behind the question is this: "What did we do wrong?"

In this heartening book, Lose walks readers through the shifting cultural tides and offers practical suggestions for recovering a vibrant church for all generations.

Release date: 
December 1, 2013
David Lose takes preachers on a tour of the major cultural influences of the last century, exploring how they offer opportunities to cultivate a more relevant faith in the twenty-first century.