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Christy Lohr Sapp

Christy Lohr Sapp is the associate dean for religious life at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to teaching at Duke, she sits on the board of scholars for the Journal of Interreligious Studies and serves as the co-president of the Education as Transformation Project. Dr. Lohr Sapp has worked in a variety of ecumenical and interfaith organizations, including the World Council of Churches and the North American Interfaith Network.

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November 1, 2014
There is still resistance in Christian institutions to interreligious dialogue. this attitude belies the current culture in which we live, which constantly exposes us to the beliefs and practices of others. Kristin Johnston Largen sees this setting as an opportunity and seeks to provide not only the theological grounding for such a position but also some practical advice on how both to teach and live out this conviction.