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Carter Heyward

Carter Heyward is a pioneering feminist theologian and a leading feminist voice in world Christianity. Among the first women ordained in the U.S. Episcopal Church, she has taught for twenty-five years at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she is the Howard Chandler Robbins Professor of Theology. Since The Redemption of God (1981), her works have explored issues of power, sexuality, and social and gender justice in relation to salvation; among them are Saving Jesus from Those Who Are Right (Fortress Press, 1999), Our Passion for Justice (1984), Speaking of Christ (1989), Touching Our Strength (1989), When Boundaries Betray Us (1993; rev. ed. 2000), and Staying Power (1995).

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October 11, 1999
In this theological resource for spiritual transformation and social change, Carter Heyward rethinks the figure and import of Jesus for church, academy, and...