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Arthur Peacocke

Arthur Peacocke (d. 2006) was most recently a Warden Emeritus at the Society of Ordained Scientists. A biologist, he was also ordained in the Church of England and served as Chaplain and Honorary Canon at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford. A pioneer in the religion/science field and a recipient of the Templeton Prize in Religion, he is best known for his volume Theology for a Scientific Age (2d ed., 1993, 978-0-8006-2859-1) and more recently with Ann Pederson, The Music of Creation (2005, 978-0-8006-3756-9).

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February 5, 2007
During the last year of his life, Arthur Peacocke raced against time to formulate a final comprehensive overview of his "emergentist — naturalist...
Release date: 
November 1, 1993
A positive answer to Stephen Hawking's question, "Does the universe need a creator?" Alan Keightley, in the Modern Churchman , aptly identifies the focus of...