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Where to Start: World Religions Textbooks

Whether you are a new professor choosing books for the first time or an experienced educator looking for what’s new in the field, Fortress Press has you covered. Browse our most popular World Religions titles below.

Introductions to World Religions

Introduction to World Religions, Second Edition
Tim Dowley (Editor); Christopher Partridge (General Editor)

Exam Copy

The second edition has new and extended primary source readings, a stronger section on the religions of South Asia, additional maps, a new full-color, student-friendly format, and more. Robust ancillaries available. Learn more!​

This new survey text by Lawrence E. Sullivan successfully marries traditional approaches with analysis drawn from anthropology and sociology to explain the making of meaning in leading religious traditions. Learn more!


This study companion provides biographical information, primary source readings, bibliographies, and many other pedagogical tools to enhance the student’s experience. Learn more!

This wide-ranging reader combines some of the best and most valuable contemporary perspectives from leading and significant writers, teachers, and thinkers. Learn more!

Covering six major traditions, Inside World Religions brings these faiths vividly to life by delving beneath the surface to discover what they mean for those who follow them. Learn more!


This revised and expanded edition of a trusted text offers updated information about Islam in an accessible and sympathetic presentation. Learn more!

A fascinating introduction to the historical roots and contemporary forms of anxiety regarding Islam within the Western world. Learn more!

Classical Traditions in Contemporary Perspective

The Emergence of Islam
Gabriel Said Reynolds
Exam Copy

Reynolds offers a fascinating look at the structure and meaning of the Qur'an, revealing the ways in which biblical language is used to advance the Qur'an's religious meaning. Learn more!

This brief survey text tells the story of Buddhism as it unfolds through the narrative of the Brahmanical cosmology from which Buddhism emerged, Buddha's birth, Buddha's path to enlightenment, and the eventual spread of his teachings. Learn more!

Christine Hayes explores the shifting cultural contexts that affected Jewish thought and practice, and laid the groundwork for the Talmudic era and its modern legacy. Learn more!

Cynthia White explores the emergence of Christianity in Rome during the first four centuries of the Greco-Roman empire. Learn more!

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