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Word & World Books

Luther Seminary, the board of the periodical Word & World, and Fortress Press have formed a partnership to launch a new publishing venture called Word & World Books. The goal of this new series is to invigorate and inspire Christian leaders and communities in their mission to proclaim God’s Word to the World God created and loves. A primary task of those who lead Christian communities is to articulate the fullness of both God-given realities. Word & World Books seeks to provide resources that are deeply thoughtful, creative in approach, accessibly written, and applicable to those on the frontlines of parish ministry.

Upcoming Titles

Into the Deep: Escaping the Shallows of Consumer Christianity - John W. Vest
Unexpected Spirituality: Prayer and the Adventure of Faith - Dirk G. Lange
I Can Do No Other: Social Justice as the New Here We Stand Moment - Anna Madsen
Elders Rising: The Power and Promise of Aging - Roland D. Martinson
Intercultural Church: Biblical Foundations - Safwat Marzouk


Release date: December 1, 2018

Riding the age wave with grace

In this inspiring book, Roland D. Martinson draws on the folk wisdom and experience of over fifty persons between ...

Release date: October 1, 2018

Liberating youth through theological reflection on vocation

Jeremy Paul Myers, a seasoned expert in youth and family ministry, calls the church to challenge the dominant ...

Release date: March 23, 2018

In Future Faith: Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century author Wesley Granberg-Michaelson provides a lucid view of how the top ten winds of change blowing through ...