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Academic Submission Guidelines

Choosing a publisher is one of the most important decisions an author makes—a choice made even more important by the ever-changing landscape of academic publishing. As a leading publisher of biblical and theological studies, Fortress Press has been influencing academic scholarship for over 50 years. Fortress Press publishes works of unparalleled relevance and influence, producing scholarship that matters—inside and outside the classroom. This commitment to quality, useful scholarship offers you a wide and effective dissemination of your ideas. Simply put, Fortress Press is where you want to publish.

Fortress Press has three major customer groups:

  • Members of professional academic guilds in religion, bible, and theology
  • Students and professors in colleges, universities, and seminaries
  • Professionals in ministry in all denominations

Fortress Press does NOT publish fiction, poetry, children's and young adult literature, and nonscholarly books for general audiences.

Our editorial team is actively seeking proposals for scholarly works in biblical studies, theology, and Christian history.

Are you ready to be read?


Fundamental to our mission are the emerging scholars in biblical studies. Fortress Academic is always interested in discussing ideas for manuscripts in this subject area, and can assist potential authors in developing the necessary materials. Creative projects of most interest are those that:

  • Offer historical context and literary understanding of the biblical texts
  • Further our awareness of the social and cultural worlds of the Bible
  • Encourage biblical interpretation in the contemporary world


As we expand our theological publication program, Fortress Press Academic builds on our tradition by extending publishing opportunities to the emerging generation of authors. Creative projects of interest are those across a wide range of theological topics. We're eager to discuss projects that:

  • Explore the theological tradition within the contemporary situation
  • Instill knowledge of the philosophical and biblical roots of theological beliefs
  • Deepen our understanding of the people and traditions that formed theology

Christian History

With our latest publishing initiative, Fortress Academic is looking to establish new partnerships that add to the conversations that matter most in Christian history. We're interested in creative projects involving the formative eras in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Evangelical traditions that:

  • Underscore the historical and cultural contexts of theological doctrines
  • Advance our knowledge of the people and events that formed our traditions
  • Encourage an interdisciplinary inquiry into the history of the Christian faith

Emerging Scholars series

Emerging Scholars is a curated, selective dissertation series dedicated to highlighting innovative and creative projects from new scholars in the fields of biblical studies, theology, and Christian history. We are committed to introducing the scholarship, and the scholar behind it, through a unique and distinctive marketing program. If you, or one of your students, are working on a dissertation of special merit, we'd like to know about it! We're actively considering projects in progress or completed within the last two academic years.

Theology for the People

Theology for the People is just that: It’s theology, broadly conceived, and it’s for the people—that is, for everyone. We are bringing readers and writers together around the topics of God, truth, reality, ethics, and sacred text, and we catalyze conversations around ideas that matter. If you have a project proposal that speaks to this, then we want to hear from you.


The best way to reach out to Fortress Press about a project is by answering the questions below and by submitting a sample of the work. Please note that due to the volume of proposals that we receive, our editorial staff is only able to respond to those that are a potential fit for our publishing program.

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