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Submission Guidelines

Choosing a publisher is one of the most important decisions an author makes. As a leading publisher of biblical and theological studies, Fortress Press has been influencing the conversation for over fifty years.

Fortress Press publishes works of unparalleled relevance and influence, producing books that shape the thought of scholars, students, clergy, and general readers. This commitment to quality, useful work offers you a wide and effective dissemination of your ideas. Simply put, Fortress Press is where you want to publish.

Fortress Press has initiatives aimed at four major readerships:

  • Members of professional academic guilds in religion, bible, and theology
  • Students and professors in colleges, universities, and seminaries
  • Professionals in ministry in all denominations
  • General readers seeking information on Christianity and spirituality

Our editorial team is actively seeking proposals for books in Bible, theology, and the intersections of those topics in art, literature, and culture.

Are you ready to be read?

The best way to reach out to Fortress Press about a project is by answering the questions below and by submitting a sample of the work. Please note that due to the volume of proposals that we receive, our editorial staff is only able to respond to those that are a potential fit for our publishing program.

Submission form