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Reading the Bible in the 21st Century

Reading the Bible in the 21st Century introduces contemporary biblical scholarship to students and other interested readers, showing how each of the various approaches current today is a strategic interaction with the biblical text, and inviting the reader to try it out. Each approach has its own purposes, distinct advantages, and particular limitations; each approach springs from specific assumptions or intuitions about the text, or from a particular vantage point in our world.

The series has two component parts, Insights and Strategies

Each volume in the Insights series describes what we’ve learned from men and women who have changed the way we all may read the Bible by sharing the way they read it from their distinctive point of view. 

The goal of the Strategies series is to pull together the variety of methods and perspectives at play in contemporary Bible interpretation, and on developing the skill and discernment to apply those methods sensitively and responsibly. 


Now available in the Insights series!

Insights from Filmmaking
Insights from Filmmaking for Analyzing Biblical Narrative

Gary Yamasaki, Columbia Bible College


Insights from Performance Criticism
Insights from Performance Criticism
Peter S. Perry, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Series editors

Neil Elliott
Neil Elliott, Strategies series

Acquisitions Editor in Bible, Fortress Press

Mark Allan Powell
Mark Allan Powell, Insights series

Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio

Strategies series

At the beginning of the 21st century, biblical interpretation is less about “deconstructing” the text than a holistic approach that skillfully uses a repertoire of critical methods to achieve particular purposes. The Strategies series equips and empowers students to understand the range of critical methods available to them, with their strengths and limitations, and to approach biblical interpretation discerningly.

In the Strategies series, four volumes provide a comprehensive approach to reading Scripture utilizing various methods. The second and third volumes refer in part to the three-level approach to ancient context, interpretive tradition, and contemporary challenge used in the Fortress Commentary on the Bible (2014). All four volumes attend to the habits and attitudes of effective interpretation and the interpretive “virtues” that result from their practice. 

Watch series editor Neil Elliott introduce the Reading the Bible in the 21st Century: Strategies series!

Look for these titles in the Strategies series beginning in 2017!

The Ancient Biblical Text and the Contemporary Reader
Greg Carey, Lancaster Theological Seminary

Reading the Hebrew Bible in the 21st Century
Corrine Carvalho, University of St. Thomas

Reading the New Testament in the 21st Century
David E. Fredrickson, Luther Seminary

Reading the Bible Theologically
Karoline Lewis, Luther Seminary

Insights series

Each Insights volume takes a particular methodology or, more often, a perspective and asks, “what have we learned, what are the results of this way of viewing the Bible, what insights have we gained?”

Perspective—seeing from a particular point of view—is constitutive of each volume. Context ("where do I stand?") is an important theme, as is diversity of perspectives.

Watch series editor Mark Allan Powell introduce the Reading the Bible in the 21st Century: Insights series!

Look for these titles in the Insights series beginning in 2017!

Insights from Postmodern Criticism
Scott S. Elliott, Adrian College

Insights from Gender and Sexual Identity
Sharon H. Ringe, Wesley Theological Seminary, and Erik Scott Winnette, Rockville United Church 

Insights from Latino/a Theology
Francisco Lozada Jr., Brite Divinity School

Insights from Cultural Anthropology

Insights from African American Interpretation
Mitzi J. Smith, Ashland Theological Seminary

Insights from Archaeology
​David A. Fiensy, Kentucky Christian University

Insights from Reading with the Poor

Insights from Lutheran Perspectives

Insights from Eco-Justice

Insights from the Study of the Historical Jesus


Insights series intro video with editor Mark Allan Powell
June 23, 2015
What's the vision behind Reading the Bible in the 21st Century: Insights series? Mark Allan Powell provides an overview of the intentions and goals of the series.
Strategies series intro video with editor Neil Elliott
April 4, 2015
What's the vision behind Reading the Bible in the 21st Century: Strategies series? Neil Elliott provides an overview of the intentions and goals of the series.