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Introduction to World Religions: Second Edition, Course Pack

Tim Dowley (Editor) Christopher Partridge (General Editor)
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A leading textbook for world religion, this Course Pack is designed to help students in their research of the world's religious traditions. Known and valued for its balanced approach, this text provides a broad coverage of diverse religions, and offers an arresting layout with rich illustrations. Each new copy is packaged with the paperback A Study Companion to Introduction to World Religions, checked and updated to work flawlessly with the revised second edition of this important text. The Study Companion provides biographical information, primary source readings, and many other pedagogical tools to enhance the student’s experience.

Authoritative content, comprehensive scope, arresting four-color illustration, and innovative learning aids, now in multiple formats for complete versatility. 

Release date: 
November 1, 2013


"I chose this text because of its expert content and section on approaches to the study of religions. The text includes pictures, readable text, and short sections, and it provides a wonderful glossary."
—Loleta Collins,
Edison Community College

"I chose this text because of the quality of the writing and the accompanying photos, charts, maps, and illustrations. The chapter divisions in Introduction to World Religions allow me to assign different sections or divisions of a particular religious tradition and make it easier to pick and choose among passages. My students very much like the personal testimonies of real persons regarding their religious tradition."
—Bruce Flickinger,
Flagler College

"Introduction to World Religions is easily accessible for students and has a fresh feel to it. The content in the book makes the study of religions personal and brings a friendly face to each of the religions. The book, while a textbook, has a comfortable feel to it. Students that do not like to read feel that it invites them in. As they start flipping through the pages looking at images they find they are curious and start reading."
—Eric Stauffer,
Estrella Community College

"I am using Partridge's Introduction to World Religions: Study Edition for my World Religions course. I switched to Partridge due to the clarity of the text, the invitational pictures and presentation, but primarily because of the Study Companion. The opportunity the Study Companion presents for students to read the texts of a different religion is particularly important. One of the deciding factors was also the price. I have used another very good text in the past, but Partridge’s text and Study Companion cost half of what the other text cost, and that is a factor in our day.”
—Rebecca Thurman,
Wartburg College

My Teaching Tools


Fortress Press is pleased to present four new videos to be used with Introduction to World Religions: Second Edition! These videos were created with students in Augsburg College's Interfaith Scholar's Program, gathering students from different faith traditions to join together in conversation on faith, community, and interfaith dialogue. 

In this first video, the students discuss why interfaith dialogue is important to them and how religious studies classrooms are key for facilitating these conversations. Download the video discussion guide to use this video in class with your students. 

Want additional videos? Email to get access to the other three videos in the series!

Test and Answer Key

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Instructor's Guide: Resources for class

Includes links to articles, videos, interviews, websites, and more for use in your class lectures and discussions!
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Sample Syllabi

Sample syllabus from Fortress Press

Syllabi from current users
World Religions, Edison Community College, Loleta Collins
Religions of the World, Flagler College, Bruce Flickinger
Religions of the World, Fresno Pacific University, Darren Duerksen

Free handouts for use in your course!

Each handout explores a personal narrative from a practitioner of a faith explored in the textbook.
Sample Assignment: Have your students read a handout in class, then find someone who practices that corresponding faith on campus. Have your students ask them if they agree or disagree with what's presented in the handout and report back on the differences.

I am a Buddhist
I am a Christian
I am a Hindu
I am a Jain
I am a Jew
I am a Muslim
I am a Rastafarian
I am a Sikh
I am a spiritual seeker

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Student Study Guide

Features study questions from the textbook
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