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Fall 2019

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Release date: 
September 17, 2019

Most of us are going through the motions when it comes to faith, believing we've found all the relevant answers to life's questions. When we make certainty and correct belief the end goal of faith, we miss out on the chance to know God more deeply. Our questions and doubts, push us closer to a God we can actually believe in--rather than further from a God we think we can contain.

Lenny Duncan (Author)
Release date: 
July 2, 2019

Lenny Duncan is an unlikely pastor. Formerly incarcerated, he is now a black preacher in the whitest denomination in the United States: the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Shifting demographics and shrinking congregations make the headlines, but Duncan connects the church's lack of diversity to its lack of vitality. Part manifesto, part confession, and all love letter, Dear Church offers a bold new vision for the future of the church.