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Release date: 
June 1, 1990
Greater knowledge of women's experience, this book argues, will enable all caregivers—whether female or male—to provide better pastoral care when...
Release date: 
April 1, 1990
The women of Genesis 12-50 function as much more than ancillary characters to men. Through close attention to the literary features of the text, Jeansonne...
Release date: 
February 1, 1990
Here is a skillful tracing of two tracks in the evolution of musical genres that have evolved from black religion. Songs of protest developed from the...
Release date: 
January 1, 1990
Walter E. Wiest (Author) Elwyn A. Smith (Author)
Release date: 
November 1, 1989
An ethical guide for clergy and laypersons who deal with "the vexing questions that arise in the daily life of a minister at work." The authors discuss...