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Release date: 
October 7, 1987
Can practical theology be truly practical? The answer is yes. This collection brings together top scholars in the fields of pastoral care, systematic...
Release date: 
September 1, 1987

Being a Christian means learning to love with God's love. But God's love is not a warm feeling in the pit of the stomach. It has definite characteristics we...

Sallie McFague (Author)
Release date: 
August 1, 1987
In this award-winning text, theologian Sallie McFague challenges Christians' usual speech about God as a kind of monarch. She probes instead three other...
James W. Fowler (Author)
Release date: 
April 1, 1987
James Fowler's work as the originator of faith development research -- his use of the theories of Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson for theology -- has been...
David Buttrick (Author)
Release date: 
March 1, 1987

Buttrick presents a complete homiletic that focuses on how sermons form in consciousness and how the language of preaching functions in the communal...

Don S. Browning (Editor) Elaine Ramshaw (Author)
Release date: 
February 1, 1987
Pastoral counseling can be imbued with a sense of community and of the transcendent; there is no surer way for this to happen than through a vital and...
Release date: 
January 1, 1987
Professor Hall has written a major work on an agonizing subject, at once brilliant, comprehensive, and thought provoking. In contrast to many writers who...