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World Religions

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Günther Gassmann (Author) Scott Hendrix (Author)
Release date: 
March 11, 1999

Despite their near-scriptural status, the Lutheran Confessions are not widely used in Lutheran circles, the authors believe, because presentation of them has...

Ed. L. Miller (Author) Stanley J. Grenz (Author)
Release date: 
August 1, 1998

A reader-friendly, basic introduction that maps the central ideas of the major theologians of the twentieth century, easily accessible to both the theological student and the inquiring lay reader.

Bruce Chilton (Author) Jacob Neusner (Author)
Release date: 
March 18, 1998
Two eminent scholars, each expert in his own tradition, take Jewish-Christian dialogue to a new level. Aiming at neither mere description nor conversion,...
Release date: 
January 6, 1998

With clarity and verve, Mark Allan Powell describes the contents and structure of the Gospels, their distinctive characteristics, and their major themes. An...

Louis H. Feldman (Editor) Meyer Reinhold (Editor)
Release date: 
December 19, 1996
This comprehensive treasury of sources on Judaism in the ancient period will be valued and used by students, scholars, and general readers who are interested...
Release date: 
December 17, 1996
The first chapters of this volume, written by four different authors, together investigate the ways in which early Christians appropriated Jewish apocalyptic material.
Paul Ricoeur (Author) Donald Pellauer (Translator) Mark I. Wallace (Editor)
Release date: 
July 20, 1995
The thought of Paul Ricoeur continues its profound effect on theology, religious studies, and biblical interpretation. Introduced by Mark Wallace, the...