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Christian History

337-343 of 407
Release date: 
February 25, 1997
The only anthology of Hegel's religious thought, this volume offers sympathetic and clear entrée to Hegel's religious achievement through his major relevant...
Release date: 
November 26, 1996
This volume concentrates on the key texts and ideas in Gustavo Gutiérrez's thought. It presents the essential Gutiérrez for students and the general reader....
Release date: 
August 27, 1996
Until now, no book has conveniently combined treatment of the origins of the Psalms with attention to their Jewish and Christian use through history. William...
Carla Ricci (Author) Paul Burns (Translator)
Release date: 
October 1, 1994
Seeking "to discover whether Jesus' message of liberation had a word to say to me as a woman," Carla Ricci found the key in Luke 8:1-3, which mentions the...
Martin Brecht (Author) James L. Schaaf (Translator)
Release date: 
August 1, 1994
Brecht here describes the years in which the distinctive aspects of the Reformation took shape. During this time four difficult conflicts—the Peasants'...
Release date: 
March 1, 1994
Perhaps the most enigmatic period of the Christian era, the second century was nonetheless decisive for the survival and posture of the fledgling churches....