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History of Israel

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David Flusser (Author) Huub vandeSandt (Author)
Release date: 
July 9, 2002
This latest addition to the monumental Compendia series offers original thinking and impressive erudition about the Didache. The early Christian manual for...
Marc H. Ellis (Author)
Release date: 
November 12, 2001
Faith and struggle, pain and promise As a post-Holocaust Jewish thinker, Marc Ellis inhabits the land between homes that we call exile. In this...
Release date: 
July 10, 2001
Covering the period of the thirteenth century B.C.E. to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E., Isserling, a senior scholar, synthesizes the social, historical,...
Jacob Neusner (Author)
Release date: 
November 17, 2000
The renewed perception of Judaism's influence Judaism today is too often thought to represent a religious backwater, a highly particularistic, religion...
Release date: 
July 14, 1999
Leading scholars in the field of Holocaust studies place the Nazi era in full historical perspective. This book is a broad overview of the Protestant and...
Marc H. Ellis (Author)
Release date: 
May 24, 1999
This century has bequeathed to the Jewish people a series of events "with horrific and startling consequences," including the Holocaust, the birth of the...
Othmar Keel (Author) Christoph Uehlinger (Author)
Release date: 
November 23, 1998
Winner of Biblical Archaeology Society Award?Best Scholarly Book on Archaeology How were male and female deities understood in ancient Canaan and...