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Bible textbooks for your classroom

Introduce your students to studying the Bible with these practical and engaging resources.
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Survey textbooks for your biblical studies classroom

The Bible: An Introduction, Second Edition offers clear answers to the most basic questions that first-time students and curious inquirers bring to the Bible. Robust ancillaries available. Learn more!


John J. Collins' Introduction to the Hebrew Bible is one of the most reliable and widely adopted critical textbooks at undergraduate and graduate levels. Robust ancillaries available. Learn more!

Students will explore the Deuteronomistic History and other historical writings and evaluate the different roles history-writing plays throughout the Hebrew Bible. Learn more!

This textbook introduces students to the contents of the Torah and orients them to the key interpretive questions and methods shaping contemporary scholarship, inviting readers into the work of interpretation today. Learn more!

Anatomy of the New Testament

Anatomy of the New Testament: Seventh Edition
D. Moody Smith; C. Clifton Black; Robert A. Spivey
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This broadly adopted textbook weds literary and historical approaches to focus on the New Testament's structure and meaning. Learn more!

Luke Timothy Johnson offers a compelling interpretation of the New Testament as a witness to the rise of early faith in Jesus. Learn more!

Warren Carter leads an inductive exploration of the New Testament Gospels, asking about their genre, the view that they were written by eyewitnesses, the early church traditions about them, and how they employ Hellenistic biography. Learn more!

With clarity and verve, Mark Allan Powell describes the contents and structure of the Gospels, their distinctive characteristics, and their major themes. Learn more!

Fortress Commentary on the Bible

Fortress Commentary on the Bible
Gale A. Yee (Editor) Cynthia Briggs Kittredge (Editor) David A. Sánchez (Editor) Hugh R. Page Jr. (Editor) Margaret Aymer (Editor) Matthew J.M. Coomber (Editor)
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Featuring the work of over seventy-five top biblical scholars, the commentary presents a balanced synthesis of current scholarship, enabling readers to interpret Scripture for a complex and pluralistic world. Learn more!

Fortress Commentary on the Bible

Fortress Commentary on the Bible Study Editions

Now you can select the specific writings you need for your course from this authoritative and trusted commentary with the new Study Editions!

Supplementary texts for your biblical studies classroom

Gary Yamasaki develops an innovative approach to biblical narrative and demonstrates how fresh interpretive insights emerge when we read biblical stories like we watch movies. Learn more!

Peter S. Perry describes the rise of performance criticism and its application to biblical studies and theology. Learn more!

Exploring the Bible

Exploring the Bible
Eric D. Barreto (Editor); Michael J. Chan (Editor)
Exam Copy

In Exploring the Bible, preseminarians and other students about to begin training in ministry join scholars Eric D. Barreto and Michael J. Chan on a journey through Scripture. Learn more!

For over twenty-five years, The Student Bible Atlas has been a trusted companion for Bible students of all ages and interests. Learn more!

Designed with the beginning student in mind, this volume introduces the reader to the books that did not make it into the Bible or the Apocrypha but that remained popular among Jews and early Christians. Learn more!

Mark R. Sneed argues for a redefinition of the wisdom literature as a loosely cohering collection of books aimed at educating scribal apprentices in moral instruction and the art of living. Learn more!


Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods
David A. Fiensy (Editor); James Riley Strange (Editor)
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A two-volume reference tool compiling an up-to-date summary of what we know about Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic periods. Learn more!

James H. Charlesworth gathers essays from world-renowned archaeologists and biblical scholars to address the current state of knowledge and to consider anew vital questions about the temple’s significance for Jesus, for his followers, and for New Testament readers today. Learn more!

E.P. Sanders offers an expansive introduction to the apostle, navigating some of the thorniest issues in scholarship using language accessible to the novice and seasoned scholar alike. Learn more!

This highly anticipated two-book fourth volume in N. T. Wright’s magisterial series, Christian Origins and the Question of God, is destined to become the standard reference point on the subject for all serious students of the Bible and theology. Learn more!

Documents and Images for the Study of Paul

Documents and Images for the Study of Paul
Neil Elliott (Editor); Mark Reasoner (Editor)

Exam Copy

Documents and Images for the Study of Paul gathers representative texts illustrating Jewish practices, Greco-Roman moral exhortation, biblical interpretation, Roman ideology, apocalyptic visions, epistolary conventions, and more to illustrate the complex cultural environment in which Paul carried out his apostolic work. Learn more!

Studying Paul's Letters

Studying Paul's Letters
Joseph A. Marchal (Editor)

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Studying Paul's Letters provides a survey of the most relevant current methods in Paul scholarship. More than a series of "how-to" essays in interpretation, each chapter in this volume shows how differences in starting point and interpretive decisions shape different ways of understanding Paul. Learn more!

Since its first appearance in 1980, Documents for the Study of the Gospels has been a welcome and highly regarded sourcebook for the study of the historical environment of the Gospels. Learn more!

Paul Anderson, a leading scholar of the Fourth Gospel, provides an introductory textbook which leads students through literary, historical, and theological aspects of the Fourth Gospel's most vexing puzzles. Learn more!

Volume 3 charts the dramatic discoveries and breakthroughs in method and approach that characterized the mid- and late twentieth century. Learn more!

Mark and Method: New Approaches in Biblical Studies, Second Edition
Janice Capel Anderson (Editor); Stephen D. Moore (Editor)
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Since its publication by Fortress Press in 1992, Mark and Method has been an invaluable resource for the study of Mark, and of the range of methods used in interpreting the New Testament. Learn more!